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4/26/07 H.R. 249: To restore the prohibition on the commercial sale and slaughter of wild free-roaming horses and burros

9/6/06 House of Representatives passed H.R. 503!

2/21/06: BLM asks beef ranchers to buy wild horses


JUNE 6th & 7th

By: Horse Lovers


June 6, 2005

Dear Friends of Horses,

We need your help on Monday and Tuesday (June 6th and 7th) as Congress is poised to vote on legislation that WILL STOP the brutal slaugher of horses in the United States for human consumption in foreign countries. If this passes, this will also help our over 8,000 wild horses facing slaughter.

Representative John Sweeney (R-NY), co-chair of the Congressional Horse Caucus, and Representative John Spratt (D-SC) are expected to introduce an amendment to the House Agriculture Appropriations bill that prohibits any federal taxpayer funds from being used to slaughter horses.

Last year more than 90,000 American horses were shipped for slaughter for consumption in foreign countries. Wild Horse Annie experienced first hand the effects of inhumane conditions when horses were shipped and slaughtered. The Wild Horse and Burro Act (until amended by Senator Burns) prevented wild horses and burros from ever being shipped for slaughter while under the control of the federal government- they were to be humanely euthanized in the field.

We have one of our greatest opportunities yet to stop the funding for slaughter of wild horses. Your representatives will have to vote on this on Wednesday, June 8th.

Please call, fax, or E-Mail your Representative tomorrow and ask that they support the Sweeney/Spratt Amendment to the House Agricultural Appropriations Bill. Let them know that horse slaughter is cruel and that you do not want your tax dollars spent on horse slaughter. Finally respectfully ask them to give you their position on slaughter.

Capitol Hill Operator: 202-224-3121

92.3% of horses arriving at slaughter plants are in good condition
There has not BEEN A RISE IN ABUSE or NEGLECT from banning horse slaugher in CA.
Approximately 690,000 horses die annually in this country - the vast majority are euthanized and rendered or buried without a negative environmental impact
90,000 horses were slaughered in the US last year and Canadian and Mexican plants

Please forward this to as many people as possible
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Source  :   HRA

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